Sunday, 11 October 2015

MAC Haul

MAC has finally made it to our small island, Malta. It was rather difficult to get your hands on some of their products, their website does not ship to Malta and we did not have any stores, so one would either search some of the products on eBay or buy a ticket to Italy, the nearest country that actually has MAC shops and splurge some money there, which let's face it it's not very practical. 

I got these products probably like a month ago which gave me some time to actually try all of them. It's Sunday and I wanted to write something on this dusty, covered in cobwebs blog and decided to write this. 

1. Dark Side (Amplified formula) Lipstick
This is actually the first thing that I bought. It's a dark berry red shade which I instantly fell in love with and knew that I would get a lot of use out of it as that's the one color that I use pretty much everyday. It's a moisturizing kind of lipstick so it will not dry your lips but it also has a staying power. 

2. Half 'N Half (Amplified formula) Lipstick 
Since I bought a dark shade I wanted something neutral as well. I don't particularly like nude lipsticks on myself, firstly cause they all make me look like I just came back from the dead and secondly cause I usually put on neutral eye make up so that my lips would pop out. But when I swatched this color on the back of my hand among the other million swatches I fell in love with it. It's a brownish pinkish nude which actually complimented my skin quite well and did not wash me out at all. I actually loved another nude more than this which is Twig, but it was out of stock. 

I could not resist not getting some eye shadows, so I ended up making a quad which I extremely love. I am not very good at explaining the actual colors of them so I inserted what MAC had to say about them. 

1. Trax (Velvet finish
"a gold and copper shimmered burgundy-red"
This is actually my favorite color out of the four. 

2. Mulch (Velvet finish)
"a red-brown with bronze pearl"
It is a medium-dark, reddish-toned brown with a golden sheen and warm undertones. 

3. Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl finish)
"a pink with duochrome"
It is a copper-shimmered coral with a frosted finish, which honestly is the most beautiful color I have ever seen. 

4. Wedge (Matte finish)
"a soft muted beige taupe"
It is a muted, medium yellowed brown. I wanted a matte neutral eye shadow in the quad mainly for contouring. 

I also bought a 217 brush which may or may not be very dirty at the moment so I'd rather not take a picture of it but it's basically a multi purpose brush, great for applying eye shadow, blending and even applying concealer. 

I am quite happy with my purchases and I am more than sure that I will be going back and get some more products. But for now, later guys.