Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,
Wednesday today it is, midway to the weekend. 
In this post I would like to review a newly discovered brand that I never saw here in Malta. This brand is BeYu. 

Last week I was wandering around Valletta's shops and as always I entered Franks, and went to the Max Factor make up counter, then I saw this nail polish that had the most amazing purple. While I was looking at it, a sales girl came and told me that this brand was new in our country and surprisingly, its price range is low (quite similar to Bourjois). She kindly swatched this nail varnish for me and it was amazing. It's been on my nails for about 6 days now and it has no chips at all and also all it needed was one coat and you're good to go. 

BeYu Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer in 193 - Bright Plum
Since the nail varnish was really good, I returned to the shop the next day and end up buying two lipsticks and an eyeliner. The lipsticks are both from Star Lipsticks and are amazing, pigmented and moisturizing and they stay for quite a good time.

On the right in shade 09 and on the left in shade 58

Right - 58 and Left - 09

Right - 58 and Left - 09
As said before, I also bought an eye pencil in shade 642 which is a strong brown shade, but unfortunately I was not pleased as much as I was with the nail varnish and lipsticks. It is not that pigmented - have to keep retouching multiple times during the day. 

Eye pencil in shade 642
So that's all, I hope this was useful. What do you think of this brand? Comment in the section below.

Goodbye and remain beautiful as always.
Belle xx