Sunday, 16 March 2014

Haul #3.

 Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,

I went out yesterday and bought a few bits and pieces, and thought why not sharing them with you?! I love reading/watching other peoples hauls, and I think that a lot of you do so too, so I snapped some pictures and now I am here writing and editing. 

I am not getting into much detail of them, because I might do a more in debt reviews about some of them for you to read about. Therefore if you would like me to review a product or more from this little haul, let me know in the comments below! 

1. L'Oreal Paris New Studio Line Silk&Gloss Fixing Spray 250ml - £5.85
I tried to find a link for you to buy this directly but I can find it anywhere. I don't know if it is because it is still new, or because I'm a horrible Google-er. But basically I needed a new hairspray and saw this one on the shelf and just bought it. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do so I will definitely write something about it!
A lot of you might say - "Spring's coming, why are you buying Autumn candles?" I tell you why, it is because I love honey and spice-y scented candles, I just want to eat them all up and make babies with them. Also I like to burn a good amount of different candles around the house at all time - spice-y and sweet-y! Nothing lavender-y or floral-y though. Moreover, this particular candle has the smell of Christmas which is the most favorite time of the year for me! (Excited much with my new candle).

I am just noticing that I bought the wrong shade - Yey me! I wanted it in medium, but apparently I just grabbed a random one. Hope it's not a dark shade for me. I bought this little one just because I needed a new concealer and I've heard so many good things about it, so I thought I'd give it a go. 
I love trying new primers, and I had an eye on this one for a pretty long time and I finally decided to try it out. When I swatched it on my hand, it was quite smooth to apply and it sinks into the skin in no time. I think that this might be a great one. 
I'm a sucker for any kind of lipstick and whenever I go make up shopping or any shopping and find some, I will bring them home. Both of these shades are so beautiful and great for spring time. Honey is a dark deep rose shade and Lovesick has a nice bright pink shade. They have a mint-y smell and also when applied they taste of mint and tingle a bit. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but me?! I love mint-y things and this was just a bonus. 

The shop had an offer with the Tresemme hair products in which you buy the shampoo and the conditioner and you get a hair mask for hair prone to breakage and split ends for free. I love their shampoo and conditioners, and I just ran out of the Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo because I have really dry hair and since I dye it, it is quite damaged and I loved it. Therefore I thought I give this one a go and I am more than sure that is going to work just as good as the other one. 

Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it a lot. 

Which product would you like me to review in more depth? Let me know. 

Stay Beautiful, 
Belle xxx

Thursday, 13 March 2014

REVIEW: Bomb Cosmetics Gorgeous Candle.

Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,

I have another sweet review for you all (see what I did there haha - Lame I know!).

This lovely candle is from a brand called - Bomb Cosmetics. It was established in the UK over fourteen years ago and it offers a bright, natural, fun and affordable range of bath, body, face, shower products and also candles. The products does not only have the most memorable and awesome smell and feel wonderful on the skin, but they also look beautiful as well.

I love their bath bombs a lot, and I use them quiet often. They leave your skin so moisturized afterwards, that you wouldn't have to moisturize after you get out of the bath. I have to say that I like them more than the Lush bath bombs. I know I know, this might be a controversial thing but it's my personal opinion. 

Since I LOVE their bath bombs, I thought I'd give the candles a sniff and I am so happy that I did so because they smell delicious. There is a large variety to choose from and since I love sweet, vanilla and candy scents, this one was the perfect choice for me. I bought this maybe 3 months ago and as you can see it is called - Georgeous and it suits it quite well. 

The website describes this candle as "A rich chocolate and creamy vanilla heart highlighted by intoxicating cocoa and hints of soft fruits such as peach and sweet cherry."

The Good:
This candle is in a cute tin. The color of the wax is mint, with 4 little hearts on top (2 pink and 2 white) which makes the candle even cuter. 
The smell of this little candle is one to die for. When I sniffed it at the counter I was like - Is this edible? Because I am willing to do so! It has the sweetest smell, the smell that you will find at a candy shop or at a sweets shop. The scent was readily available as soon as I opened the tin and I just couldn't wait to light it up at home. But I didn't. The only thing that I did was - keeping the tin open and I achieved a room with a candylicious smell! 
It wasn't until two days ago that I had the courage to light it up and destroy those beautiful hearts. And I have to say that it smelled even more delicious when I light it up for an hour than when I just opened the lid (which is not even close to possible but it did!). I just couldn't stay away from my room. 

The Bad:
The only bad thing that I found with this is that since it is quite small, it only lasts 30 to 35 hours. But then again since it is only £7.99, I can repurchase it again and again. 
Also, if you are not a fan of sweet smells, this candle is not for you because the smell can be quite sickly but for someone like me - Just buy it already!

I will take another walk into that shop to sniff some more candles and bring them home with me.

Have you ever tried something from this brand? What are your thoughts about it?

Stay Beautiful, 
Belle xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Foundations - Wake Me Up and Match Perfection.

Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,

Having a great day? I hope you all do. 
So lately I've been alternating my favorite foundations, so that I can use them and don't leave them there unloved and came across my all time favorite drugstore foundation the Rimmel Wake Me Up FoundationI forgot about it and when I applied it on my face I just remembered how much I used to love it.  
So I decided to write a full review about it (although loads of other beauty bloggers have already made it a long time ago) in conjunction with a full review of the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Hence, why don't you grab a cup of tea/coffee/hot choco - whatever floats your boat, your reading glasses (if you need any) and make yourself comfortable and start reading.

The Good
I must say that Rimmel foundations were never a great deal to my life and so the only reason that I tried this foundation is because a lot of beauty bloggers have raved about this all the time. I've purchased my first bottle maybe 18 months ago and I've went through 3 bottles since then. 
Packaging wise, it's in a glass bottle which in my opinion appears to be far more expensive than it actually is, with a plastic orange cap and a pump.
The foundation itself has a creamy texture which makes it easier to blend in. Also it has some shimmery particles in it to give that radiant and glow effect which the product claims to have - and I agree with that 100%. But you can't actually see the shimmer, not on your face and not even in the bottle itself (it may be my defaulting eyes but I am pretty sure that I cannot see any actual shimmer in it). Even in the daylight - under the sun, you're no Edward Cullen (if you know what I mean haha.)
One can apply this foundation by their own hands and also with a foundation brush - I personally love the RealTechniques Expert Face Brush for this sort of beauty chore. You only need a pump or a pump and a half and you're good to go. It blends quite easily because of its consistency and it gives a medium to full coverage - it matters on how much foundation you put on your beautiful face.
Personally, when I use this foundation I feel that my skin looks so healthy and natural and it has that radiant glow which makes you feel and look more awake.
Also, this is one of those foundations which stays on for a pretty long time without wearing off. For instance, today I spent 10 hours with it on face and it still looks nice and not cake-y. The only place that it had fade away a bit is in my T zone - because I have oily skin on my nose and around it and also on my chin, but other then that, perfect!

The Bad
Now to the bad side of the product. Although it gives that natural look to your face, it does not feel light on your skin. You can feel that there is something on your face especially if you put on more than 1 pump on your face.
Also, people who has an oily skin, this foundation is not that suitable for them - because of the radiant glow effect. I have combination/oily skin, oily around my nose and my chin and normal to dry on my cheeks and on my forehead, and I find it that it gets a bit oily on those parts, which require 3-4 powder sessions in a whole day, which later on might look a bit cakey and too much for your skin. But then again it is great for people with dry, normal combination skin.
The downside of it as well is that there is only 6 shades in all (mine is in 303 True Nude) which may be difficult for some people to match the color to their skin tone, especially if they have darker skin because the shades consists of mostly lighter shades.
Lastly, since it is a glass bottle, you can't really get all the product out when you're almost ready with, in which you can't really use the whole stuff that it is in there.

Despite of these bad sides of the foundation, I still love it so much and always will. I work my way around it and as you can see in the pictures, I need another one soon because I have run out of it.

The Good.
I wanted to try another foundation because I get bored using always the same one and so I thought I'd buy this foundation because I heard a lot of good things about it. The color is perfectly matched to my skin which is a bonus and surprising because I don't usually find the exact color for my skin tone but then again this foundation is designed to adapt to your skin tone, so that you can get a great color match and it looks very natural.
The packaging is lovely as well - a glass bottle like the Wake Me Up one, but this time it has a blue plastic cap and a pump.
Also there is a wider shades (12 in all) of this foundation which obviously it is better so that much more people can match the color to their skin tone.
But unfortunately that is all the good that I can say about it. I was quite devastated when it didn't work for me because I've heard and read so many good things about it from a humongous amount of beauty bloggers.

The Bad.
So here we go. It may be just mine, but the consistency of the foundation is not that creamy, but a little bit oily - liquid-y, which is definitely not great for my combination/oily skin because it does glow a lot throughout the day (1-2 hours later of the application) on my face. It does say on the bottle that it has a radiance effect, but when compared to the Wake Me Up one, the radiance is far much more radiant (I don't know if I make sense) than it should be.
It is a light to medium coverage foundation (more likely to be light) which it can only cover some minor blemishes and a little bit of redness. It's like your skin, a bit better. Also, building up this foundation is an issue, because when I did so, I ended up with an even oilier skin.
Moreover, again on my personal experience with this product, somehow, I don't know if any of you guys found it the same, as soon as you apply it and put powder on it, it still feels sticky as the moment you put it on and definitely not comfortable on your skin.

Unfortunately this foundation gets a big thumbs down from me. But then again, it might be like this to my skin only (which if it is, it's a shame, because I really wanted it to work).
I hope that I did good with reviewing these two foundations (since this is the first time in doing so) and helped you a bit if you're just starting your make up kit.

How about you guys? Do you own any of these two foundations? If yes, what are your thoughts about them?

Stay Beautiful, 
Belle xxx

Friday, 7 March 2014

New Pages?

Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,

I have something to tell you. As you may know I like to write about all kinds of stuff. And I don't really want to mix everything together. 

I will keep writing beauty and fashion related posts on here and I am going to create some new pages on this blog to make it easier for you to read. So if you like to read only about beauty and fashion you will not find anything else which you may not find interesting to read about. But then again if you're like me and likes to read literally about everything then I think that you will like this because everything is going to be sorted out. 

The first page that is going to be published later on this evening or tomorrow morning is a fun page which is called - Weekly Lists. Basically every week (probably every Friday) I am going to create a new list with a different theme (topic).

♥ And you guys can help me out by give me some ideas about what I can write my lists about. I would really love it and appreciate it if you do 

So that's all for today, I thought I'd give you a quick and short summary of what's going to happen. I really want to make this work and write more on this blog.

Write your thoughts down below. 

Stay Beautiful, 
Belle xxx 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top 5 Lipsticks for Spring.

Spring is behind the door and what is better than having bright and fun colored lips?!
I am a sucker for bright lips, because I think that they give a sweet touch to the complete look. So, since Spring is approaching (although it doesn't seem like it) I thought I'd share my top 5 bright colors that I like to wear during this season and also during Summer. 
Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial
This little one right here is quite popular on this blog and I can explain why. - It is the most beautiful natural color that you can put on your lips with whatever make up you're wearing:- smoky, natural, EVERYHTING. And I know I said that I will share with you 5 bright colors, but I love this one so much that I couldn't just leave it behind. Well, I guess you all know how nice these lip lacquers stay on your lips and they stay on for a pretty long time and the longer they stay, the prettier the color turns. 
Topshop Lips in Infrared
This bright orangey color is so pretty, (that I just want to make love to it haha). I have to admit that you have to be quite brave to wear this color, but I love to wear it with a very light and simple look. Also it gives me confidence when I'm wearing it. It is very pigmented and since it's a matte color it stays on for a pretty long time. 
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate in 20 
I love almost all Kate Moss's lipsticks in her collection and this is one of them. It's a nice bright pink which completes that sweet, candy look that you want to achieve. I have to say that this might be the most worn lipstick from my collection in Spring. Also it is pigmented and stays on for a long time as well, although if you are going to eat something you might touch it a bit because it tends to fade away in the middle of the lips and you will look weird.
Revlon Super Lustrous  Lipstick in Fire & Ice 
This is my first lipstick that I have ever purchased when I was 14. Four years later, and this one is still one of my favorites. It's a hot, creamy coral lipstick which I like to wear on a daily basis especially with some mascara and cat flick eyeliner. I just love it! 
Revlon Lipstick in Fuchsia 
For me Revlon lipsticks are one of the best lipsticks out there especially from this line. This one is quite similar to the Kate Moss's one but this might be a bit brighter and the formulation of it is a bit better. I really love the packaging of this one as well, the color on the top of the cap makes it much easier for me to identify which color is it. 
 Also this is a little swatch of the lipsticks mentioned in this post.
I hope that this little post was helpful and interesting for you all. 

Question of the post - What are your favorite lip colors to wear during the Spring season?

Comment your answers down below, and if you have a similar post, put the url down below and I will be more than happy to check it out. 

Have a wonderful week.

Stay Beautiful,
Belle xxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Derek and Belle.

Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen,

It's been pretty wet and cold here these last couple of days, and even right now it's pouring! I am sitting down on my desk, with a yummy hot chocolate, covered from head to toe with a fluffy blanket, just to share with you something quite exciting for me that happened two days ago.

So here we go with the story telling, it's not that boring don't worry!
I've been wanting another cute, small animal for years now. I already own a cockatiel, a bunny and a hamster but I can't really bond with them since I can't get the cockatiel and the hamster out from their cages because they we'll be gone in a split of a second and the bunny is huge and don't want to risk her chewing on the furniture. So, I did some homework. I can't get a cat or a dog because my mother would freak out, although those are my top choices, so I had to choose something else.
I practically live my life on the sofa watching the Animal Planet Channel (exciting yeah?!) and one time on Pets 101 they were talking about guinea pigs. I fell in love with them, the instant I saw them. They are cute, small, clean and not that difficult to teach. I searched quite a few pet stores with my friend Elaine and no one had the guinea pigs I wanted. Finally on Saturday I called a quite large pet / garden store and asked if they have any. Surprisingly the lovely man told me that they had two and asked if they can keep them for me for another day and go pick them up on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately he said that a man was going to buy one of them that night and I couldn't go and pick them up that immediate time and he asked me to call him again in the morning to check whether they are still there or not.

I was already up by 8am which for me that time means - the middle of the night, so you can imagine how excited I was. An hour later I called the store again and the same man responded, and asked for them (thinking that he is going to say that there is only one or even worse that the man took them both). But, he said that both of them are still their waiting for a nice home. I was over the moon, and asked to keep them for me till I get there, and he did.

I couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw how cute and lovely they were, in fact I didn't even imagine that a guinea pig could be so cute. He told me that they are still toddlers - meaning that they can learn faster than a mature guinea pig. I searched for a nice home for them and found a spacious one for them to run around, searched for some food, for some toys and most importantly for the litter.
While I was on the road, I captured some beautiful photos that I thought I'd share with you all.

Since they are still toddlers, they can't really distinguish their sex but until the time comes, I decided that the slightly bigger one is a male and the little one is a female. And here's some little cute pictures of my lovely ones!
Giving names.
This wasn't a difficult task. I called the "male" one Derek just because I love Teen Wolf and Tyler Hoechlin. Also there's a funny and quite embarrassing story behind his name to share it on the internet, so excuse me for that. Haha. Then I've always wanted to call a baby girl for a Disney princess and I was struggling between Ariel and Belle, so I asked my mother which one she likes most and she said Belle. And this is the story behind their names.

Derek is a more of a chilled, relax guinea pig - he doesn't mind when picked up and likes to cuddle. On the other hand Belle is a more energetic guinea pig, eats a lot, doesn't let me taking her pictures and she's always under or on top of Derek. But I love them and I think that they make a cute little couple.

I know that this wasn't a beauty related post but I wanted to share these little ones with you all and I hope that you enjoyed reading about their story. 

Question of the post - Do you have any cute pets? Do you have any posts of them?

Leave your answers in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to check them out. 

Stay Beautiful,
Belle xxx