Monday, 29 December 2014

My Firsts.

I know that bloggers/vloggers did this ages ago but honestly I never thought of doing it mainly because I am a bit scared to put my life out there, word by word on the internet. But as mentioned in one my posts lately (click here), I have to change my life, big time!
The two things that inspired me to do this are: The Pointless Book - There's a page in it to write your firsts and this year's Christmas Eve. Why? - you might ask. This is the story. I was casually walking around on a street when I tilt my left foot on a quite hidden sidewalk. At the moment it was really painful and I couldn't walk. Then on Christmas day I woke up with a black, green-ish foot which started to concern me. But it was on Boxing day when I went to the hospital and told me that I needed some cast to repair the fracture. I spent the whole day waiting for someone to put some cast on my leg, a WHOLE DAY!

Now, with the firsts:

According to my mum my first word was "daddy", but I don't think that I agree with her as I never call my father - daddy. 

My family is the "I don't want poos and pees on the floor" type so it was when I grew a bit that we  actually owned a pet, which in a way it's a good thing because I remember him clearly. I had a beige hamster called Browny (a really clever name, I know). Browny was an intelligent alcoholic hamster. He used to open his cage and find his way in the wine room, which then ended up causing his death as we once found him floating in a half full wine bottle. 

I had my first phone when I was 10 years and it was given to me as a gift from my aunt. It was a Samsung flip phone which surprisingly, 9 years later is still working. 

Well I am still working my first job that I had when I was 15 - a waitress. I so desperately hate it though.

I don't know which came first because no one in the family can remember but I am deeply afraid from the dark and whatever it comes with it and crocodiles. I slept with my lights on from the minute I started sleeping alone in my room and I can never look at a crocodile picture or something related to it, it just terrifies me.

Fractured Bone
5 days ago.

Well I had my first kiss when I was around 7 at school which for that age it was a lot but I had my first proper kiss when I was 13 and it was disgusting, well actually he was disgusting which then made everything disgusting. Wish it was kind of special but trust me it was everything but that. 

I am so sorry for not posting a proper post today but I can't run around in the house taking pictures of make up or other stuff. Hope you understand. 

Thanks for reading. Until next time, have a good life.


    Friday, 19 December 2014

    My Winter Nail Polish Picks

    From left to right:
    MaxFactor Glossfinity in 160 RASPBERRY BLUSH
    NewLook Pure Colour in 99 MULTI
    Accessorize Nail Polish (there's no name on the bottle that I can see)

    I can safely say that I am a nail polish junky. It was so hard for me to narrow it down to just 9 colours, but I truly love these. Personally I think that the MaxFactor ones are the best nail polishes for a lot of reasons. The colour range to choose from is amazingly large, they dry up quickly and if you're like me and you're a bit lazy when it comes to applying a top coat, there's no need for these ones because the stay on power is amazingly great - I go for 4-5 days without a chip and when applied, it has that gel look effect to it which is a bonus. The new New Look nail polish range is pretty good as well. There's a quite amount of colours to choose from as well and they don't chip immediately too. Also, The Body Shop has released their new line of nail polishes a few months ago and of coarse I had to get and try some. My favorite is Gorgeous Grey but unfortunately if you don't apply a really good top coat it will chip the day after. I have it on my nails at the moment and I applied it like last Monday and two of my nails have literally nothing on them, which is a shame since I am a huge fan of their products. Accessorize make some nice nail polishes too but I don't know if it's just my bottle but there's no name on it. But other than that the quality is great and I love the colour so much. Lastly there's the Barry M one which I particularly use during Christmas time on top of Raspberry Blush - will post a picture of the nails when done over my Instagram)

    Monday, 8 December 2014

    ♥ The Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas ♥

    Candles - Lit
    Cup of tea - On bedside table
    Christmas Tree - Lit
    Michael Buble's Christmas Album - On
    Comfy pyjamas - On

    It's December, it's getting cold and the streets are getting brighter with fairy lights. Yes it's that time of the year again guys. 

    As a family we tend to go a tad bit overboard with presents. We love to stuff each other’s stockings with cute little gifts and then some huge presents under the tree. 

    Here are some stocking gifts ideas that might help you.

    For that person who's a bookworm: 
    Another book can never go wrong. I recently purchased Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella on YouTube) and since then I've read the first two chapters and till now I'm loving it. This is just a suggestion, you obviously can buy any book you would like to, from a romantic one to a psychological thriller.  

    Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

    For that person who's a candle lover:
    Personally I think that Yankee Candles are the best candles. They have a huge variety to choose from all year round from sweet scents to spice-y scents. Being Christmas I picked up this Red Apple Wreath one which literally smells exactly like the candle’s name. Can't wait to start burning it.

    Yankee Candle - Red Apple Wreath

    For that person who can’t go shopping without buying a pair of socks:
    This person would surely love a pair of new ones especially if they are festive. I went for a Pug with a Santa hat and a French Bulldog with black lace trim – so cute!

    Pug with Santa Hat socks and French Bulldog with Lace Trim socks

    For that person that absolutely love make up:
    For a really long time I’ve been on the hunt for a rather small make up palette that covers the large majority of your daily make up look in one palette and I have finally found that. theBalm California Face Palette is one to die for. First off, it is really small – smaller than your palm and in it you will find 4 beautiful shades as you can see below which can be used as one prefers.

    theBalm California Face Palette

    Do you know someone who loves everything Stila or maybe does not have the patience to do the full eyeshadow process? Then this Smudge Pot in Kitten is the one for her. It’s a lovely pink champagne-y colour – really similar to the Kitten shadow – that can be worn literally to any occasion.

    Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten

    Continuing on the make up theme, what other palette would you give to the one you love other than the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. Now if you’re the perfect man in a woman’s life you would probably buy all 3 palettes for her but if you don’t have the actual money to buy all 3 of them I would go for the first one because it has all shades that she would look for. (Just imagine there’s all the 3 palettes in the photo below – I ordered the other two last week and they haven’t arrived yet)

    Naked 1 Palette

    For that girl that always has her nails painted and never chipped:
    This set of 6 shades is perfect for her. In the set there’s 3 glossy shades – black, dark purple and a really nice kind of turquoise colour and then there’s 3 sparkly shades – silver sparkles, rosy sparkles and multi coloured sparkles. These nail polishes are from the New Look new collection Pure Colour.

    New Look Pure Colour Nail Polishes

    For that person that loves cooking:
    Want to eat healthier, good food? Buy this cookbook for your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife this Christmas and I promise that you will be eating tastier food. There are really nice recipes in it and the recipe guides you quite well. It also has some nice pictures of the food. Tasty!

    The Really Hungry Student Cookbook

    Now for that lazy friend:
     What’s better than being in your comfy pjs at home watching some TV shows or reading a book? Nothing. This cute Snoopy PJs is really comfy, warm and cosy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I know since it’s quite pricey but my mum bought this for me on my birthday and I love the great quality. I would be more than happy to receive another one for Christmas.

    Snoopy Top and Snoopy Bottoms

     For that super organised person or for that “trying to be organised” person:
    A diary for this him/her is a must have. I found this cute diary on last week and definitely had to buy it. I actually bought it for my mum to keep next to the telephone at home so she could write notes/telephone numbers and so on, in it.

    Ohh Deer Betty A5 Notebook

    When all wrapped you can put all the gifts in the stockings and wait for Christmas day to be opened. I get so excited to see what people think about my presents that I gave them more than when I actually open mine.

    Have a Happy Christmas guys, and I know that you see this everywhere all year round but mostly in the holidays but I'm going to write it anyway – If you’re going to drive please do NOT drink alcohol, there’s your life and other lives involved.

    But other than that enjoy the holidays, eat loads of chocolate and don’t forget to give more to the poor.

    Merry Christmas!