Monday, 29 December 2014

My Firsts.

I know that bloggers/vloggers did this ages ago but honestly I never thought of doing it mainly because I am a bit scared to put my life out there, word by word on the internet. But as mentioned in one my posts lately (click here), I have to change my life, big time!
The two things that inspired me to do this are: The Pointless Book - There's a page in it to write your firsts and this year's Christmas Eve. Why? - you might ask. This is the story. I was casually walking around on a street when I tilt my left foot on a quite hidden sidewalk. At the moment it was really painful and I couldn't walk. Then on Christmas day I woke up with a black, green-ish foot which started to concern me. But it was on Boxing day when I went to the hospital and told me that I needed some cast to repair the fracture. I spent the whole day waiting for someone to put some cast on my leg, a WHOLE DAY!

Now, with the firsts:

According to my mum my first word was "daddy", but I don't think that I agree with her as I never call my father - daddy. 

My family is the "I don't want poos and pees on the floor" type so it was when I grew a bit that we  actually owned a pet, which in a way it's a good thing because I remember him clearly. I had a beige hamster called Browny (a really clever name, I know). Browny was an intelligent alcoholic hamster. He used to open his cage and find his way in the wine room, which then ended up causing his death as we once found him floating in a half full wine bottle. 

I had my first phone when I was 10 years and it was given to me as a gift from my aunt. It was a Samsung flip phone which surprisingly, 9 years later is still working. 

Well I am still working my first job that I had when I was 15 - a waitress. I so desperately hate it though.

I don't know which came first because no one in the family can remember but I am deeply afraid from the dark and whatever it comes with it and crocodiles. I slept with my lights on from the minute I started sleeping alone in my room and I can never look at a crocodile picture or something related to it, it just terrifies me.

Fractured Bone
5 days ago.

Well I had my first kiss when I was around 7 at school which for that age it was a lot but I had my first proper kiss when I was 13 and it was disgusting, well actually he was disgusting which then made everything disgusting. Wish it was kind of special but trust me it was everything but that. 

I am so sorry for not posting a proper post today but I can't run around in the house taking pictures of make up or other stuff. Hope you understand. 

Thanks for reading. Until next time, have a good life.


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